Making Time for Family Meals

Family meal time?

Yes, it is important and yes, it is hard to make the time.
But it is so worth the effort.
I believe that it is a good way to reunite and bond the family unit.
Whether you try for an every night dinner table or once or twice a week, it gives you a chance to sit together, share food, relax and talk.
Here are some thoughts to enhance family supper time:

  • Unless you have the time and talent to make a fabulous meal, make it easy but nutritious.  Put together a salad with meat and other goodies in it. Make tacos, hamburgers or even have breakfast for supper. Black beans and rice makes an easy as well.
  • Try to have a sit down meal as often as it makes sense for your family. Be creative if work, sports, teams, clubs, lessons make it hard to come together every night. 
  • Make it a goal to have one night for a family night – if possible, add other evenings as well. Or try for a Saturday morning breakfast time.
  • Keep the conversation upbeat. Share the highs and lows of the day; save more serious talking for after the meal because the purpose of the family meal is to draw close to each other and not to get upset.
  • Unplug during the meal – no phones, laptops, ipads, ipods allowed! And no TV!
  • Work together to fix the meal, or assign a child (depending on the age) to suggest and help with the menu.
  • Grocery shop together – this is a great way to teach budgeting, label reading, how to look for special deals, sales and how to choose healthy items.
  • Go online together and look for easy, fun recipes. Try new things so that meal time is something to look forward to as a family.
  • Never underestimate the power of a crock pot – with busy school and work days, plan a crock pot meal that can be simmering all day and be ready when you get home.
  • Meal time needs to be a time of comfort and support. A good way to ease into the love of your family.

Do you have a family mealtime suggestion? We’d love to hear it.  Send to

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