Time Management System for the Severely Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have so many things to do that you’ll never be “done”? Do you feel hopeless when it comes to time management? Are you sick of trying to do something only to be distracted by the million other things screaming for your attention?….


… Our lives are truly overwhelming. The laundry will never end; the dishes will never end; the cooking will never end; the budgeting will never end. You will always have closets to clean out, moments to document, budgets to update. When you combine these things with your work schedule, your work projects and deadlines, and your social life (if you’re lucky enough to still have one), it’s not hard to understand why we always feel so behind.  If you’re a single parent or spouse of a deployed military member… well, that just doubles your work at a minimum.

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