Rodney Staten

RodneyRodney Staten is a Jacksonville, FL native and graduated from Jean Ribault High School.

He attended Florida A&M University where he obtained a bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work.

After graduation his family moved back to Jacksonville where he planned to work in his field.  As life would have it, those plans changed.

Rodney decided to work with his father for Jochae Enterprise, a company distributing a line Hair Products called Design Essentials.

While working with his father, he soon found that the job was very lucrative and that he really loved working with people in the fascinating and ever changing beauty industry.

Four years later he assumed ownership of the business and later Incorporated the business which is now JoChae Distributors Incorporated.

While being in the beauty industry, Rodney strongly believed there was a huge void in unity among the industry and is one reason why he created Social Sunday’s.

Social Sundays is business networking Hair and Fashion Extravaganza where the leaders in the industry showcase their work for all of Jacksonville to see.

Social Sundays quickly grew due to its positive networking atmosphere.  All business owners who attend the event have the opportunity to speak about their business and discuss what they have to offer to the city of Jacksonville.

Mr. Staten is also a motivational speaking, and offers a wide variety of workshops around the city of Jacksonville.   He also hosts events (pageants, weddings, parties etc.) in the city and surrounding communities.

His talents don’t stop at beauty – he is an actor playing leading male roles such as the hit episodic play “Something Miraculous”. 

He has created an entertainment company titled Ro Entertainment, which provides music, hosting and classes around the city.

Rodney enjoys working to create a positive atmosphere for people to thrive.

Although his career paths had nothing to do with his academic successes, he believes it prepared him to work successfully in the amazing industry of BEAUTY.

He is happily married for 18 years and has three wonderful sons. 

He loves and appreciate the enthusiasm that is returned from a very grateful community.

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