Blue Franswa

Blue-thumbBlue Franswa – Florida’s premier fashion photographer Blue Franswa represents visual art Couture and passion.  A native of Port au Prince, Haiti, Blue later migrated to Florida and made his home in Jacksonville.

Blue, being the acronym for ringing Lyrical U nique and E xcellence.

Blue, grew up in a multicultural environment, fused with art and fashion. At a very young age, Blue began to develop a strong sense for poetic literature and music. It was never in Blue Franswa’s plan to be a photographer; his desire was in writing poetry and music. He feels he was drawn to photography by a supernatural force. Blue got his start in photography as an assistant to legendary photographer Mr. Boguard.

Blue  met and created a professional friendship with his mentor and soon studied as an apprentice under him for two years. He eventually realized it was time to venture out on his own. “I went from booking shoots to conducting them so I had no choice,” said Blue.

 Blue has been doing photography for only a few years but has already achieved notable accolades.  His work has graced national publications, billboards, premier social websites, and various other realms of the entertainment industry. Specializing in celebrity photography, fashion, weddings, portraits and portfolios, he loves working with people and helping others succeed in reaching their goals.

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