The Art of Journaling

It’s not really an art. Or is it…

One definition of art is that it’s the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

Oh but you are not creative? According to our trusted (somewhat) resource, Wikipedia, art is a “diverse range of human activities…an expression and communication of emotion.

And what better definition of journaling?

It is not, however, an art that requires training. Nor is it something that we are “born with” which is what we often say is true of an artist (a painter, sculpturer for example).

At any rate, whether you think of yourself as an artist when you set out to have a journal, it is an opportunity to express the emotion that is a part of your being.

Your hopes and dreams, goals and achievements and yes even your disappointments.

1) Journaling helps you determine how you really feel about – well about anything.

When you read what you wrote, the result is often a big aha moment.

2) Journaling helps you see things from another point of view and helps us understand the situation.

3) Journaling is a way to see our “life’s story” and that includes fun and happy memories as well as the sad ones. But it helps us put all those event in a clearer perspective.

4) Journaling helps us know ourselves. One resource for this story realized through journaling that there were some things she just didn’t like to do and that helped her learn to say no.

5) Journaling is our way to perpetuate who we are. My mother writes in a journal every day and I have at least 10 of those journals that I can use as a resource – and my children and grandchildren will have those in the future.

6)  Journaling builds your serenity. Sometimes a situation that makes us so angry. One of my friends writes out her anger – and then throws that journal away. She’s gotten her angst “off her chest” as it were, but no one is the brunt of it and maybe no one even knows she is angry.

It’s a simple thing. Don’t think you need to write volumes. Start with what you are grateful for then work to how you wish you could change something – and most of the time, you’ll come right back to what you are grateful for.

Try it – you have nothing to lose – other than about 10 minutes each day – and everything to gain – a sense of calm and purpose.

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