More Than A Conquerer

We have all been through some kind of battle in our lives. Some physical battles, some mental, emotional and even financial. There were times where we frustrated and cried out to God questioning when would it be over. It’s possible that some of you maybe going through that right now. Things and situations are so dark, that you can’t see where the clouds are in the sky, wondering where are you God when are you going to bring me out of this?!!

Allow me to encourage you today by letting you know this….. YOUR COMING OUT. Your Battle has already been won . See God doesn’t raise up failures He raises up Conquerers. He gives us the strength to battle everyday and when we lose momentum, He steps in even further and battles for us. He will not let you be defeated. So what ever your going through today, it will not last always as long as you have Christ by your side. Your Coming Out. Your going to be stronger, wiser, and bolder than ever when it’s all said and done. You’re a Conquerer!!
Ms. Eboney Thompson
Forever Beautyful LLC
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