Finding your PASSION

As women we are the nurturers – the ones that get things done and we do so much for others. As time goes on – what we may have held off for so long, is ready to come to the surface. Now it’s your turn….your time. So what do you do? Enjoy your passion. Focus on what you love – but how do you begin? Do you even know what IS your passion?

Let’s look at these possibilities – let’s begin.

  1. Research – if you’re not sure how to begin, take the time to study what you want to do. Have you always wanted to paint on canvas? Well, what supplies – tools will you need? Where do you obtain those supplies at the best pricing and what will be your first attempt? The ocean scene? A statue in the park?

  2. Still don’t know? What did you love to do when you were growing up? Did you like to collect? Did you love to bake? How about a sport? Sometimes old experiences can become your new hobby or fun.

  3. Are there people doing what you’d like to do? Contact them – see if they would be willing to provide you with insight – mentor or offer classes.

  4. Still not quite sure? Use visualization – look at magazines – cut out pages/photos of what you’d like to do – and put a collage together – put it in a prominent place so you can see it every day – let it sink in – something will come to the surface for you, then give it a try….you have nothing to fear.

  5. DO list – simply make a list of the things you’d like to do. Plan it – what is it? Never had time to read all the books you’ve wanted to read? Then plan it. Get the books – and begin enjoying the time being taken away in the pages. Spend time with friends – Taking a journey in or out of country – begin collecting.

It’s a wonderful time – it’s Spring – it’s a time for renewal making time for what you love.


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