Choose HAPPY

We seem to be living in a culture that require instant gratification – if we’re not always “happy”, the chin drags, the “annoyds” set in and an entire day can be ruined just because someone didn’t get his/her way.

Well, there’s a remedy for that (besides getting as far away from that person as possible – you don’t want to be dragged down in their mud hole).

Life isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Choosing to be happy doesn’t have to take a lot of work….it’s an attitude of life – the half full half empty philosophy.

Look around you – I mean, really LOOK. What do you see.

I love it when I travel – I’m a huge people watcher. When you have to wait 2 hours for your next flight, you’ll see …

The elderly couple that holds hands and take care of each other though they both are frail and need two separate wheel chairs for boarding, they hold hands until they are taken down the ramp.

You’ll see the young mother with an infant and a 3 year old. Baby crying and the toddler impatient and loud and competing for mom’s attention.

Then there’s the corporate guy who is on his cell phone – you know the one that’s really loud so everyone can hear his business and his “importance”.

And a serviceman who is going back to deployment after having just left his family – and you he’s in deep thought about where he’s heading.

Everyone has their own rhythm – and it’s a rhythm that YOU choose.

Here’s a few small steps….

Wake up each morning with something positive you can look forward to …

Bring a friend a cup of coffee…

Pay it forward to a stranger at lunchtime.

Volunteer to help kids or elders.

Suddenly it’s not about YOU – and you’ll be amazed.

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