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If you are like me, you might have a stockpile of purses that you don’t really use because changing your purse requires removing all of the contents from one bag to the other.

I’ve used the same purse – whether it matched and was in season, or not – simply because I didn’t want to change out the contents from one to put in another.

The Miche system takes care of that. Miche bags come in four basic base sizes (large tote bag, classic, demi and petite).  Miche also has a huge selection of shells (interchangeable covers) so that you can change the personality of your bag easily and without having to remove the contents.

It really is that easy to stay stylish with the Miche bag concept.  With the quick and easy change of the shell, your bag can look and feel totally different.  

The cost? A basic base can cost between $30 and $60. The shells can run as high as $69 and as low as $7.

If this sounds interesting, go to our website and see more about the wonderful world of Miche. www.margieandmom.miche.com

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