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Where’s The Color In Our Lives

The title of this article is a bit strange I ...
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Eco, Sustainable, Recycled, Green, Upcycled, Vegan Fast Fashion Explained

It's Not All Healthy, Sustainable or Good For You or ...
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Miche – It’s All about the Bag

Purses, handbags, pocketbooks. All shapes, sizes and personalities. If you ...
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10 Safety Tips When Getting Your Body Pierced

Body piercing is all the rage with individuals of all ...
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Tips on How to Buy the Right Suit

A good suit is an important addition to every closet ...
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Watches for Fashion and Time

Although the main purpose of a watch is to tell ...
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Women’s Fashion Footwear: 9 Shoes You Must Have

If you're like most women, you have dozens upon dozens ...
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Allergies To Jewelry

When choosing jewelry that we may want to buy or ...
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