Dating on a Shoe String

Give yourselves the VIP treatment, without the price tag:
Go for an all day hike. Check out for a listing of nearby treks and get lost in the woods together.


Sip some fine wine. Find out if your local wine or liquor store hosts tasting nights. It’s only expensive if you buy! Other specialty stores hold tastings, too. Check out chocolate stores, cheese shops, or ethnic food markets.


Get sweaty together. It’ll feel less like a chore and more like a we’re in this together moment when you help each other to get your hearts pumping and cheer each other along. Or try couples yoga: Twisting your body into pretzel poses will bring you closer together in every way.


Visit the museum. has links to thousands of art institutions in America and abroad; the Art Museum Network at lists links to the Websites and exhibition calendars of the world’s leading art museums; and will help you easily locate an art venue near you. If art really isn’t your (or his) thing, don’t overlook other kinds of exhibits, such as the history of hockey, or even surgical equipment! One good source for the weird and wild:


Go camping overnight. There’s no TV to interrupt your conversation, and the night is long, so you can retire early to your sleeping bags (zipped together, of course).


Spend an afternoon test driving cars, viewing model homes, or window shopping. Even if you have no interest in making a purchase now, these activities can kick start discussions about your goals. New lovers are always dreaming together about the things they want to achieve: exotic trips, houses, children. As love matures, you become more focused on the here and now — attending school meetings, folding socks — and forget to write the next chapter of your love story, or think you don’t have to because you’ve already discussed it all before. But continually setting shared goals gives love something to work toward and shape itself around.


Give in to the undeniably romantic allure of watching the sun go down. Head to the highest point in town, and when the light is romance perfect for enhancing your sensuous mood, turn the scenic view into a background for a make out session.

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