Stool Testing & Weight Loss

By: Leiah Barnhart Walrod, MD

I know this isn’t the sexiest thing to talk about, but definitely, it’s got to be part of an overall good wellness regimentation….we’re talking about your GUT.

Let’s talk about obesity….even though the ultimate factor is how much calorie intake you have daily (calories in vs. not enough calories out). There’s another factor that most people don’t even take into account. Did you know that the bacteria in your gut may also play a role?  The human gut houses a complex community of micro organisms (bacteria, yeast and parasites).

Variations in this “micro-biome” have a large impact on the host (that’s YOU!)

Studies indicate that an individual’s gut microbiome can be linked to obesity. In essence, obese individuals may have increased populations of bacteria which more efficiently extract energy (calories) from food, causing increased accumulation and storage of fat stores in the body!

Stool testing can determine the types of microorganisms you are “hosting” and whether they are affecting your health.

Good news!  Simple dietary strategies and the use of pre-biotics and pro-biotics can significantly affect the balance of microorganisms in your gut, ultimately affecting your fat storage.

For more information on how you can maintain a healthy gut, please contact The Lohad Center (904) 645-8778.

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