Now – The Lohad Center has “The Answer” …

The Answer Medical Rehabilitation Clinic is a multi-discipline health care facility that focuses on the treatment of victims of traumatic injury, family care, and wellness.  Located in the LOHAD CENTER, The Answer Medical Rehabilitation Clinic is another facet in overall wellness and anti-aging.

Everyone knows that the brain controls all aspects of human wellness by expressing nerve impulses along the central nervous system and out across the peripheral nervous system.  Everyday activities, micro trauma, and major trauma cause dysfunction at various body parts that interferes with the expression of these nerve impulses.  By restoring normal function via Chiropractic manipulative therapy, Medical management, rehabilitative strengthening and stabilizing exercises, physiotherapy, and diet, the body can once again function normally.

The Answer Medical Rehabilitation Clinic is located at 8761 Perimeter Park Boulevard, Suite 101.  Office hours are 8am to 7pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  For more information call (904)305-7118 or (904) 645-8778.  Visit our website at

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